Grooming on the go. A no-no?

Ok, so I just have to ask… How do you react when in the middle of dinner or a night out, someone whips out their makeup bag to powder their nose? You side-eye them right? I think I do… I don’t know… but I sometimes find myself in a situation where I reallllly need to touch up… and walking all the way to the bathroom is not always ideal.

The do’s and don’t of public grooming aren’t as complicated as you may think.

I remember when I used to commute via public transport… By the time I arrived wherever I was going, my makeup was already a couple of hours old. My beauty look for that day? Something between lipstick cracking, concealer melting and mascara semi-smeared around my eyelids. I often had to either fix myself up before I got out (trust me, not ideal when you’re sausaged in the back of a taxi), or arrive at the venue and head straight to the ladies room. Or my worst, sitting at a long show/presentation/casting and gradually feel the oil on my face start to build up, and my shiny forehead start to light up the entire room 🙁

When it comes to public grooming, etiquette is key. In the same way that having a loud conversation in public is considered intrusive, whipping out a large mirror and the entire contents of your makeup bag on the table is a no-no.

So, here are my simple tips to finishing off (or touching up) your makeup in public… if you REALLY have to:

  1. Get a small makeup bag for your essentials (hint: a clear or mesh bag means instant access to the item you need, minus the endless searching).
  2. Your essentials should include concealer, crème blush / highlighter (easier to apply than a brush and powder), mascara, lipstick and powder.
  3. The trick is to minimize the number of brushes or products with intricate applicators (I don’t think I even use brushes for my daily makeup routine – except when doing my brows).
  4. A small mirror and hand wipes come in handy for precise application and the removal of any excess product (no, don’t use the table cloth or your clothes to do that).


Pabi’s public grooming kit:

Small, clear makeup bag cosmatic-bag3

Concealer: NYX Wonder Stick

Cream highlighter & blush: The Body Shop – Honey Bronze Highlighting Dome

Lipstick: Yardley Stayfast Lipsticky

Mascara: Clarins Supra Volume Mascara

Wipes: Johnson’s hand & face wipes

That’s what’s in my handy grooming kit – try it, and you’ll have no more public makeup mishaps.