Sometimes, It’s not just make-up!


Ever had a day where you’re feeling tired and under the weather, so you opt for a colourful scarf and a bright lippie? And suddenly, you feel a bit more cheerful?

You’ve consciously chosen to use colour to improve your mood and increase your energy. Less obviously, on a subconscious level, you are drawn to certain colours each day depending on your mood and what’s going on in your world. The same thing applies to makeup!

“All women are pretty without make-up, but with the right make-up, can be pretty powerful!” – Bobbi Brown.

This is by far my all-time favourite beauty related quote. And every now and then, I get to be reminded of why I love it so much.

I’m sure we’ve all heard about, or experienced “the power of makeup” and what makeup can do. Some people use it when they want to completely change the way they look, while others only want to accentuate some of their best features.

I believe that the best makeup there is, is the one that does not hide a person. On the contrary, it should only be an additional tool for accentuating natural beauty.

My main goal when I started my blog and makeup lessons was to empower women through makeup and skin care tips. I strongly believe that makeup can affect both your mood and the way you are perceived socially.

This for me was a true testament when I attended the Mr & Miss Maharishi Institute Pageant on the 2nd of December 2016. The Maharishi Institute is a non-profit organisation that provides financial access to students. This allows them to get qualifications where they’ll be able to work for one of its education partners.

The company I work for, Idea Engineers, is one of the sponsors, and it’s through them that I was fortunate enough to be a part of this event. I did the girls’ makeup and watched them transform from shy, timid girls, to sassy, confident young women. Watch as I take you through some behind the scenes, leading up to the event – Watch Now.

Sometimes, being a makeup artist is much more than just lipstick. I especially love seeing a person excited when they see what they look like once their makeup is done. They suddenly transform and are full of confidence. The girls’ reactions and confidence truly warmed my heart.

These are priceless moments for me!