Skincare Resolutions that SLAY!


Skin care resolutions don’t have to be boring and tedious; they can be fun and relaxing!

It’s so easy to be enthusiastic and optimistic at the beginning of the year… but can you commit for the rest of the year? This is my challenge for you!

I’ve listed a few skin care resolutions that I personally want to stick to… and would love it if you joined me on this journey. Plus, your skin will love you for it!


When it comes to caring for your skin, you want to create a routine that you know YOU can stick to. I wash and moisturize on a daily basis, then only exfoliate and use a face mask once a week or so. You can miss me with all these fancy products and processes. Sometimes, if it’s not broken, don’t fix it!

How many of you change up your routine after a couple of days “because it doesn’t work”? Thing is, you need to give it some time (6 weeks – 3 months to actually start seeing results). Just as your skin is getting used to a certain product or treatment, you go and change the routine! Stop it!

Rather create a simple daily routine that you have no choice but to stick to! Once you simplify your daily skin care routine, keeping up with exfoliating and using special treatments should be much easier to keep track of!

P.S. Drinking lots of water, eating well and exercising are also key in getting that flawless skin!


Gold star on your forehead if you actually wash off your makeup every night before bed!

I try… sometimes… lol. It helps that I go to the gym after work so I have no choice but to shower.

On that note, what I plan on being more mindful of is my face after a sweat session at the gym. The ugly truth is that when we work up a good sweat and don’t shower soon after, we’re leaving our skin susceptible to acne. Sweat that dries on our skin after a workout allows bacteria to thrive and can result in breakouts… Eeeeeek! So try hit the shower as soon as you get home to prevent acne, or rinse your face off after a gym session!

Keeping it clean also applies to your makeup bag and brushes *hides because of embarrassment.

Guys, I don’t know how often I wash my brushes hey… I won’t even lie… probably when all my brushes start looking brown, when I actually bought them pink? Lol! Ok but seriously, my resolution is to clean and replace my tools on a regular basis. This is a biggie when it comes to the health and upkeep of our skin!

P.S. Also check the expiry date on your makeup products


Another skin care resolution that I’m pledging to keep is to keep my hands away from my face. At least wearing makeup helps me because ain’t no one trying to ruin that facebeat!

There’s nothing worse than meticulously caring for your facial skin only to contaminate it with dirty hands!

Keep your hands busy with a stress ball or anything to keep hands away!


I plan to squeeze in a few quality facials every now and then because there isn’t a better way to get a deep cleaning, exfoliation and hydration without any effort on my part!

Facials also help stimulate your skin and keep it in tip top shape so your skin care products are more effective and your beauty products go on smoother!

I suppose a weekly face mask could also work? But hey, any reason to be pampered 🙂

Ok ladies, let’s try stick to these. Hopefully now we’ll be able to post all those #NoFilter #NoMakeup selfies and actually be telling the truth 😉

Who’s in?